SadoCrafts Sew Your Own Snowman

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Our SadoCrafts Sewing Kit teaches children the four basic sewing stitches they need as they follow our easy-to-read instructions. Every kit includes all the supplies necessary to create an adorable stuffed toy, empowering children to learn a useful, new skill while completing something they’ll always take pride in.

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  • SEW YOUR OWN SNOWMAN and Create our Fun Craft Kits by searching Sadocrafts on Amazon!
  • HANDS ON FUN – We hope that by crafting their own adorable stuffed animal, kids will end up with a special companion they can play with and cherish!
  • ENCOURAGE CREATIVITY – Sewing is the perfect hands-on activity to stimulate childrens’ imagination, develop motor skills, and most importantly, to have fun making something cool!
  • SIMPLE BUT REWARDING – This is a great educational activity for boys and girls alike on a rainy day or slow afternoon. The end result won’t be just another toy to gather dust or throw away. Instead, children will have a personalized toy and sentimental piece of art they can be proud of making for themselves.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR THE 21ST CENTURY – While we love our phones and computers, research increasingly shows the importance of reducing excessive screen time for our young ones. We developed this activity set specifically for parents who are looking for an easy way to spend quality 1-on-1 time with their children!
  • WHAT’S INSIDE – You will find printed socks, fiberfill stuffing, felt accents, buttons, bead (for nose), needle, threading, and directions to make an adorable stuffed sock-doll. Sewing machine not necessary. Scissors not included. Adult supervision is recommended. Fun craft kit for children ages 7 years and above!

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