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SadoCrafts Wooden YoYo Craft Kit

SadoCrafts Arts and Crafts YoYo is an artistic and enjoyable toy made to boost your kid’s imagination while having the time of his life. Supplied with the carefully crafted wooden YoYo, 4 stunning Color paints, smooth brush, colorful stickers and sparkling laser paper that will surely captivate your kid’s imagination. Entertainment has taken a whole new level with electronic gadgets dominating the market, yet with SadoCrafts YoYo, your kid’s inner artist in them will be revealed and lets them flex those muscles for a better well-being. 100% Safe to use wooden YoYo, paints, laser paper and stickers made of high quality materials, minor supervision would be needed to let kids enjoy their YoYo adventure!


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  • QUALITY AND ENTERTAINMENT IN ONE: Featuring machine-cut YoYo outlines, superb bundle of vibrant paints, laser papers and stickers that is 100% child-friendly and multiple use brush for a number of painting sessions ensures that fun with SadoCrafts Arts and Crafts YoYo is certainly expected.
  • TO RAINBOW OR NOT TO RAINBOW: With the inclusion of the vibrant options of colorful paints, one would keep guessing if the tangerine, blue, yellow and lime hues would look awesome on the YoYo making you the talk of the group.
  • ENHANCE LOCOMOTOR ABILITIES: SadoCrafts Arts and Crafts YoYo is recommended for kids ages 6+, a vital stage in a child’s development, after creating their own colorful YoYo’s, kids can then play and practice launching, swinging and making different tricks with the durable wooden YoYo while enhancing their loco-motor abilities.
  • DEVELOP DECISION-MAKING SKILLS: Painting! While a fun activity, painting helps children develop their decision-making skills. They need to plan ahead as they choose which color should be used for different parts of the YoYo and be unique!
  • FUN FOR ALL AGES: SadoCrafts Arts and Crafts YoYo is best used by kids 6+, it doesn’t mean young adults are exempted. This Design-It-Yourself YoYo is great for office activities and team building events to rediscover the inner childhood in us!
  • CRAFTED WITH EXCELLENCE: SadoCrafts creative and manufacturing team created the YoYo and its accessories to be made of the best quality materials possible with each and every child’s safety and amusement as priorities. The included paint is non-harmful and 100% certified safe for kids and adults alike!
  • UNLIMITED DECORATIVE IDEAS: Supplied with an array of tangerine, yellow, blue and lime paints as well as sparkling laser paper and Wow! Stickers to exactly express your heart out! Have fun with mixing the paint to create an even more wide combination of colors and stand-out from the rest of the regular YoYo user.
  • PROMOTES HAND-TO-EYE COORDINATION: Kids are active and full of energy for the better part of the day, SadoCrafts Arts and Crafts YoYo provides the means to have all that energy put into good use by enhancing hand-to-eye coordination skills while playing. Kids love colors and playing with their own handmade YoYo doubles the learning!


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