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SadoCrafts Weaving Loom Craft Kit

SadoCrafts Kits are designed to take children’s creativity, imagination, and assembly skills to new heights. Our fun-to-create and simple-to-put-together SadoCrafts Kits will inspire your kids aged 7 years old and above to discover and fall in love with the beauty of self-made crafts. Important and practical life skills are what our kits bring to playtime – resourcefulness, patience, hard work, and confidence. SadoCrafts Kits teaches children how to create, stitch, paint, and build their own toys with the aid of easy-to-read instructions and diagrams. The Weaving Loom Kit is a good introduction to a classic craft hobby that may last a period of time. Learn the traditional art of weaving with this whole mini-loom kit. The kit includes a half-dozen 5-inch by 8-inch weaving loom, plastic needle, shuttle and weaving comb. Enough yarn and warp string is enclosed to make a cellular phone bag and three (3) coasters. elaborate directions to be used and care square measure enclosed. counseled for ages eight years and up. It combines art & crafts, and skill enhancement – making it very educational, not just for the young ones but for everyone who’s interested to learn to weave. You can also weave different kinds of things with all the available tutorials online. Start your weaving journey now with this starter kit for you and your little one!


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  • ART OF WEAVING: Weaving has been used thousands of years ago and sadly it has not been practiced much today. With this kit, you and your child can master the art of weaving in the comfort of your own home.
  • DEVELOPS CREATIVITY: Kids love to learn new things that will spark their interest. This is usually something they are not familiar with, much like loom weaving. It will develop their creativeness as they learn a new skill that could be helpful until they grow old.
  • RECOMMENDED AGE 5 AND UP: This weaving loom kit is recommended for kids ages 5 and above. But, surely any adult will have fun with this as well. This makes it a great gift, not just to kids but to your friends too.
  • WEAVE DIFFERENT THINGS: The set already includes everything that you need, however you can do more than just a mini purse. There are lots of tutorials you can follow online about weaving different kinds of things. The possibilities are endless.
  • EDUCATIONAL SET: Trade in your child’s gadgets with this fun, interactive and educational set. It will help increases your child’s IQ, creativity and thinking skills. It even develops senses, boosts interests and social awareness.


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