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SadoCrafts Vibrant Kids Sequin Bracelets

Have you ever seen those iridescent beads? Those rainbow and glitter sequins? How about some blue, white and clear sequins? Not yet? Maybe you need to go out and check some arts store and buy them 1 by 1 and collect them all in a craft jar? Sounds tiring, right? Here’s some good news. You just came across the very craft supplies with all those fantastic features above. The SadoCrafts Vibrant Kids Sequin Bracelets is the best craft sequin one will ever find on a craft pack. Recommended for Kids ages 5 and up. Our product will be the splashiest artwork your kids will be proud of!


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  • FASHIONABLE AND VIVID: Our SadoCrafts Vibrant Kids Sequin Bracelets will make kids sport that fashionable look, day in and day out!
  • EASY AS 1, 2, 3: Pick a bead, put through the elastic, pick a sequin, put through the elastic, repeat and complete! Easy as 1,2,3!
  • INFINITE COMBOS: Feel like making a dual tone bracelet? Or a rainbow bracelet? It’s possible with SadoCrafts Vibrant Kids Sequin Bracelets!
  • STOUT AND DURABLE: Our product is not your typical beads and sequin craft kit. It’s guaranteed to endure your kid’s physical energy!
  • PERFECT GIFT: Stay away from the usual toy gifts! Grab the SadoCrafts Vibrant Kids Sequin Bracelets and show them your love!
  • TRENDY ORNAMENT: We all like our kids all neat and tidy for the day, but that just isn’t the case because they’ll end up looking surprisingly contrasting than what we dressed them up most of the time and believe us and we say, this happens to our kids all the time! So why not go ahead and adorn them with SadoCrafts Vibrant Kids Sequin Bracelets to compliment their wild ideas!
  • MIX AND MATCH: With a vast array of vivid beads and shiny sequins, your kids can go ahead and just pick whatever they think at the spur of the moment and have it paired with each bead and sequin and repeat the process all over until they get the ultimate random craft sequin bracelet they never thought possible! Mixing and matching was never this fun!
  • PLAIN AND SIMPLE: SadoCrafts Vibrant Kids Sequin Bracelets is presented plain and simple. Your kids won’t be losing interest anytime soon with using our art craft. We have considered kids’ short-term attention and have made sure to keep them interested and creating!
  • GROUP FUN: Call the whole group! Assemble the team! Our SadoCrafts Vibrant Kids Sequin Bracelets won’t keep your kid alone and will let them share the joy of learning. Double the FUN!


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