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SadoCrafts Sew Your Own Sock Dog

With just a few snips and simple stitches, you can turn a pair of cotton socks into a playful sock doll. The finished doll measures approximately 3.9 wide by 7.8 height. For ages 7 and up. Allow your child’s imagination to run wild as they embrace their creative side. Stimulate and encourage children’s creativity. We offer VOLUME DISCOUNTS – just contact us or call us.



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  • ASSEMBLE A FLEET: Our 3D Foam Fighter Plane Kit includes 2 planes and why not get some more and assemble your very fleet of airplanes? We know you want it!
  • EASY AS 1,2,3: Pick up the EVA, build, paint your breathtaking designs, let it dry and flick your 3D Foam Fighter Plane and watch it cruise!
  • IT REALLY FLIES: SadoCrafts 3D Foam Fighter Plane will cruise if thrown properly, no joke, try it, it really flies!
  • WANNA BE A PILOT: Don’t just imagine building and flying those planes, start early and take the hands-on experience with our 3D Foam Fighter Plane!
  • NON-TOXIC AND SAFE TO USE: All SadoCrafts 3D Foam Fighter Plane materials are non-toxic and safe and won’t break easily!
  • TOP NOTCH MATERIALS: SadoCrafts 3D Foam Fighter Plane is made of high-quality EVA so your kids can freely build their customized own Foam Fighter Plane with the best possible materials. Who says small toy airplanes should be easy to break? Not We!
  • COOL AND STRIKING FOAM PLANE: Take the cue from the greatest airplane designs ever built and find a way to make a new layout of your own! SadoCrafts 3D Foam Fighter Plane is the perfect platform for you to showcase your inner builder spirit and also find more about the fascination with the flying beasts of the sky, the Airplanes!
  • IMMENSE CHOICES OF DESIGN: We all look up in the sky, from a hot sunny day to a blistering cold day and we all know Airplanes fly all the time! Start to make your Airplane designs worthy of the vast sky! Paint it with immense choices of design that your friends and family will love to see.
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA: Grab the SadoCrafts 3D Foam Fighter Plane, the perfect toy airplanes for boys, let him create his toy plane, toy jet or even a fighter jet toy with war wings that he’d be playing until he gets his new fighter plane gift, who else but from you!


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