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SadoCrafts Paint Your Own Bank


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At Sadocrafts, we bring you projects to help children gain practical skills they will use throughout life. We’ve discovered that painting is an easy, powerful way for children to learn vital skills like patience, confidence, and hard work- the best part? You can also teach them how to be thrifty once the project is done!

  • TEACH YOUR KIDS how to save money in fun creative way with Sadocrafts Paint your own Bank!
  • TEACHES THE VALUES OF THRIFTINESS & ECONOMY – The box set is an encouragement of good values through creation of a personal coin or money bank.
  • THOUGHTFULLY DESIGNED – This kit is intended to teach developmental skills like refined gross and fine motor movements while allowing kids to have a ton of fun.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT IN THE 21ST CENTURY – While we love our phones and computers, research has proven the importance of reducing excessive screen time for our young ones. This activity set has been developed for parents who are looking to spend quality 1-on-1 time with their children.
  • SIMPLE BUT REWARDING – This is a great educational activity for boys and girls alike on a rainy day or slow afternoon. At the end, you won’t be left with just another toy to gather dust or throw away. The ceramic piggy bank will be a piece of sentimental art that can be admired and used throughout the years.
  • COMES WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED – The kit includes 1 Ceramic Owl Bank, 1 paint set, and 1 paint brush.
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Dimensions 6.3 × 3.7 × 8.3 in


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