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SadoCrafts Make Your Own Notebook

Ever tried going to the shopping center during the start of the School year and seeing all those school notebooks with your favorite celebrities brightly printed on them? Or seeing other notebooks with those unique covers from nature, outer space, sports or robots? Felt like wanting to own one, right? Worry no more, SadoCrafts Make Your Own Notebook Do-It-Yourself project will be your perfect dream come true! It comes with Notebook with EVA cover, Vivid Rhinestones, Glitter Glue, Tweezer, Glue and EVA shaper which will be all you need to have the best notebook you will ever use! What’s great is, It will be made by YOU!


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  • STYLISH STATEMENT: Enter your room in full glory while holding up your very own SadoCrafts Make Your Own Notebook!
  • KEEP THE MEMORIES INTACT: Scribbles those out of the moment memories right away with your very own journal to write in!
  • INSPIRE CREATIVITY: Make your imagination come to life and show to your friends to inspire creativity all over your campus!
  • SAFE AND DURABLE: With Kids in mind, we assure you our materials are safe and the notebook itself will last a long time with you always!
  • IDEAL GIFT: Surprise your Kids with a unique gift that will not only make them happy and delighted but will also inspire learning!
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: SadoCrafts Make Your Own Notebook is made of high quality materials so your kids can freely craft their own art kit with nothing falling off. Quality above all is a virtue we believe above all else. SAFE TO USE PARTS: With news and updates of lead containing and toxic art crafts on the market, our SadoCrafts Make Your Own Notebook is 100% made of safe-to-use parts to ensure that your kids health won’t be put on the line while they put their imagination on full throttle!
  • MAKE YOUR FANTASY COME TO LIFE: Your kids mind at a young age runs wild and full of ideas. SadoCrafts Make Your Own Notebook will be a great outlet for them to express and visualize their ideas at an early stage. Providing the right art crafts such as a drawing book for them at their formative years will make their fantasies come to life!
  • PERFECT GIFT: Our SadoCrafts Make Your Own Notebook is an Ideal teenager gifts for girls, perfect as a notebook for girls too! They will be thanking you for the writing journal as a kids journal gift rather than those leather-bound journals!


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