We love to partner with resellers! So we offer discounted prices to those who are interested to resell our products. But we can also offer one time special rates to those non resellers with bulk order. For interested resellers, please follow 3 easy steps below so you can be our authorized reseller. For non resellers with bulk order, please email us through, let us know the product you want to order and the purpose of your order.

You may also inquire the discounted price of our products through Let us know if you want to resell or just want to order in bulk.


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How It Works

When you join SadoCrafts affiliate program, we'll give you a unique link that you can share - whether it's on your blog, social media timeline, or an ad. You earn money for every subscriber that buys a SadoCrafts product through your link.

Do you own a website?

Monetize your site by adding SadoCrafts affiliate links to your content, or take advantage of our banners to make the most of your traffic.

Are you an online marketer?

Do you speak the language of PPC, media buys, and savvy content? Leverage your preferred marketing mediums to share SadoCrafts with the world!

Are you a social influencer?

SadoCrafts is a highly recommended product for kids, teachers, parents and even grandparents. Tell your friends on Twitter and Facebook!

What makes the SadoCrafts affiliate program right for you?

Earnings potential

You get paid for every subscriber you send us. There's no limit on how much you can earn!

No minimums

No fine print or withholding commissions. Get paid every month, whether it's $10 or $10,000.

Dedicated affiliate manager

Help when you need it, whether you want help building out a comprehensive strategy, or you've got questions.

Affiliate disclosure

We strive for transparency at SadoCrafts, and have high standards for our affiliates when it comes to promoting our service in an ethical manner. We have a couple of golden rules here:

Disclosure is key

As an affiliate, you're required to clearly disclose that you will be receiving compensation from SadoCrafts in return for endorsing our service.

Don't spam

No one likes unsolicited posts on forums, bulk emails, or sleazy popups. When sharing SadoCrafts, keep it clean.

Don’t be deceptive

We will not tolerate any attempts to misrepresent our services, or impersonate us and our brand.

Affiliates who do not comply with our strict standards will be banned from our Affiliate program, and have their commissions revoked. We have a zero-tolerance policy.

SadoCrafts Affiliate FAQs

1. How can I track my referrals and clicks?

We assign a unique affiliate code to you to track sales and we will be generating a monthly commissions report to send to you every end of the month.

2. When do I get paid?

We pay out on the first of every month for commission generated the previous month. If the first lands on a weekend, expect to see your commission in $USD via PayPal transfer or bank check the next working day.

3. Which method of payment do you support?

We pay out commission in $USD via PayPal or bank check to the designated email you linked with your account. It’s secure, instant, and free for you! PayPal allows you to spend this money in an assortment of ways, or withdraw directly to your bank account.

4. What kind of marketing materials do you offer?

Within the Offers section of the affiliate console, we offer an assortment of SadoCrafts banners and creatives that you can use to boost conversions on your website.

5. Where can I use my referral link?

You can use your referral link anywhere! Send it to friends and family, embed it in a review or blog post about SadoCrafts, or share it on your social networks.