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Fun and Creative Craft Kits for Kids - Sadocrafts

About Sadocrafts

Improves Resourcefulness

SadoCrafts teaches children how to create, stitch, paint, and build their own toys with the aid of easy-to-read instructions.


Children will learn new skills such as painting and stitching in a fun and interesting way! A recreational play time they will surely love.

Boosts Creative Prowess

Encouraging them to create their own designs and choose their own patterns and colors will boost their creativity and imagination

Promotes Quality Time

Make sure your kid is doing it right! Sharing an activity together cultivates a more fun and fulfilling experience for you and your kid.

Encourages Patience

Exercise your child’s patience by keeping them focused on a specific task for a certain period of time.

Enhances Critical Thinking

Challenge your child’s critical thinking by  allowing them to think of other ways they can make their craft kits look different.

Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us

My son made this project by himself in a few hours, he loved doing it! What a cute outcome. He is 8 and his grandmother had been teaching him basic sewing.

 Nicole Lee “Amazon Customer”

Nicole Lee “Amazon Customer”

I have a crafty young niece, age 10. I bought this for her as a Christmas gift and now she states I’m her favorite! Can’t argue with that type of appreciation

T. Borrero “Amazon Customer”

T. Borrero “Amazon Customer”

This craft kit is different and unique from other craft kits I have tried. My daughter loved that she could paint her own planets. The kit came with all the supplies needed including paint, a paintbrush, rings, and more.

Brittany “Amazon Customer”

Brittany “Amazon Customer”

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